Fauna Survey Grant Successful!

Fauna Survey Grant Successful!

With one of the main aims of NCG to upgrade the feral proof fence to protect native fauna and enhance biodiversity, the first thing that we needed to do was get some data on fauna species that are found on the Nullaki. As residents, we know a large variety of wildlife exits here that includes Honey Possums, bandicoots, snakes, lizards, frogs, kangaroos and a variety of birdlife just to name a few…and even though residents were required to conduct fauna survey when purchasing their blocks, no formal systematic baseline data on fauna species has ever been collected.

In mid-2017 an application was made to State NRM for funding to conduct a fauna survey using an experienced fauna ecologist to ascertain species distribution and populations within the fenced off area. In late 2017 we were thrilled when we received notification that our application was successful.

The grant, entitled “Nullaki Peninsula Fauna Survey and Feral Animal Control” will allow for the group to conduct a fairly extensive fauna survey this coming spring. Local fauna ecologist Sandra Gilfillan, with the assistance of volunteers will conduct the survey over 4 nights at 8 locations within the fenced off section. This will involve the use of cages, pit traps and visual observations at each site.

It is hoped that the information obtained will assist in future conservation efforts and eventually lead to an upgrade of the fence that aims to eliminate feral predators from inside the fenced of area which is referred to as the Nullaki Wildlife Protection Zone. The application also allowed for the purchase of 3 cat/fox cages, some headlamps and torches for spotlighting and 3 trail cameras that will be used to monitor both native fauna and feral predator activity.

 (scrubwren photo courtesy Keith Lightbody)

This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program, supported by Royalties for Regions