Fauna Survey Completed!

Fauna Survey Completed!

Monday – Last morning produced a legless lizard, western crowned snake, and the usual skinks, honey possums, and bush rats. A full report will be published soon. Thanks to all those who participated!

Sunday – Another honey possum at a third (!) location, and a large female bush rat highlighted the findings today, along with an assortment of skinks, including at least one we hadn’t seen before. One more morning of treasure hunting to come.

Saturday – Our luck with the animals and the weather continued, with two tiny honey possums recovered, along with another bush rat, and several interesting skinks. The honey possums were found in 2 locations far apart from each other, so that is a good sign! And one female was carrying 2 babes in her pouch!

Friday – Setting out at 5:30 AM, the two teams of volunteers and ecologists systematically inspected the 80 pitfall traps, 40 Elliott traps, and 16 cage traps. We discovered we had caught two bush rats, 5 skinks, and a dozen or so invertebrates on our first day. Released the animals and reloaded the traps, let’s see what tomorrow brings! 

Thursday, 29 November – After months of planning, selecting a variety of vegetation habitats, and preparing the survey sites, the Fauna Survey is underway. The traps are set and baited. Each of the eight sites features five double-pitfall trap lines, five Elliott traps, and two small cage traps. Beginning tomorrow morning, all survey sites will be checked by two teams, led by Ecologist Sandra Gilfillan, and her assistant Kirsty Vogel. Captured animals will be identified, weighed, measured, photographed, and then released. Animal welfare is a high priority throughout this process: all traps are checked in the early morning, the pitfall traps (in-ground buckets) have drain holes in the bottom and suspended lids above, animals caught in the Elliott and cage traps are protected from rain and direct sunshine. Check in tomorrow for an update, hopefully with some interesting results!