Camera Servicing Run Brings Exciting News!

Camera Servicing Run Brings Exciting News!

Way back in the Spring of 2019 we wrote about brushtailed phascogales. We put up some nesting boxes but found only evidence of mardos. Then in January 2021 we found a phascogale tail and made plans to put up more boxes in a new location. And now, on the most recent camera servicing run we’ve hit the jackpot! That’s right, a photo of a brushtailed phascogale, alive and well. You’d expect to see them high up in the trees but this one came down to the ground to show himself and pose for a picture.

Phascogale                                                                                                                         Possum

In fact, this servicing run (3 out of our 15 cameras) was full of marsupials. Not only phascogales, but brushtailed possums and quendas as well. Bear in mind, the cameras are purposely located 30cm off the ground because their primary purpose is to track feral predators. To see native animals (especially ones who spend most of their time in trees) is a special treat.

Quenda                                                                                                                              Bronzy

Unfortunately, we also recognised a fox (he’s well-nourished and has a distinct furry tail) and a cat (the big bronze tabby we’ve seen on three different cameras) in this round of photos. In one of the photos the fox has a bird in its mouth. And so the work continues though it’s encouraging that we’re seeing more small marsupials around.